Virtual Reality Experience

Grasp the functions of a human heart

Experience a heart in Virtual Reality quality. You can walk through a heart, look around in it, zoom in on the individual organ components. You experience the heartbeat, admire the functioning of this fascinating organ and understand the development and healing of diseases so much better.

We present the VR application at events such as the Open Day in Cardiology or the Heart Health Week.

At this point you will soon find out where you can experience your heart in a virtual reality environment.

The virtual heart at your event

Never before have your visitors been so close to a heartbeat!

Whether an “Open Day” for patients or a specialist event for specialists – book the VR application of Cardiolectra for your event. It is exciting for visitors to literally grasp a heart by walking through it, seeing the functioning of blood cells and heart valves and much more. The experience is unforgettable and will be a major attraction of your event.